Our Chapel

Our Chapel is a dedicated space for worship – like a small church, on our school grounds. Holy Communion -the Blessed Sacrament, is reserved in the tabernacle and we believe Jesus is really present to us in Communion. This makes the Chapel an extra special place. For this reason, you will often see people bowing or kneeling (genuflecting) when they come in.

The presence of Blessed Sacrament is part of a tradition that goes back to when the school was run by nuns on this site from 1947. The building itself is very old and, along with the White House, has listed status to preserve its unique architectural character.

All are welcome in our sacred space. It is used throughout the day for Mass, organised prayer, quiet reflection and by students looking for fellowship and friendship at break and lunchtimes. Local parishioners and parents also enjoy visiting and experiencing the special atmosphere.  It really is the heart of our school.

The art in our Chapel is rich with symbolism- a tradition of the Catholic church which goes back to when most people could not read or write and instead used images to explain ideas about God.



Our chapel is a place where all students are encouraged and supported to build a strong and lasting foundation of prayer for their lives. By nurturing the seeds of faith through prayer, we hope to encourage all students to become fully who God created them to be.

Our School Prayer

Father, we pray as a Christian Community, to be open to the gospel message of Jesus. We value the uniqueness of each other and, in respecting and supporting one another, celebrate the gifts we bring. In unity and love we will reach out to those in need. Guide us as we work to make prayer, love, healing, peace and justice a reality within our school.