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Daily Prayer

Prayer In School

Prayer is a personal experience that can be done in many different ways. To encourage meaningful and active prayer among our students, we have student-led Tutor Time Liturgies happening every week. During Tutor time, students take turns to prepare a moment of prayer and reflection which they then present to their Tutor Group. They often use online resources and videos to help their classmates reflect on current events, school concerns and personal growth.

As Chaplains, we support these prayers with our student-led Tutor Time Liturgy planner and our booklet of Oaklands Prayers. We have the privilege of sitting alongside groups as they think through their plans. Students also enjoy using our Oaklands Hymnal called “Praise and Worship”.

Every class worship is built around a piece of scripture, allowing students to make links between their own experiences and the Word of God. We also enjoy Class prayer in the Chapel led by ourselves in the Chaplaincy team as well as Liturgical Assemblies, offering students a variety of ways to build prayer into their everyday lives.

As faith leaders, we believe that all our young people, regardless of their faith or no faith, can gain something from the experiences we share. We invite parents to keep talking about prayer with their children and to pray for us as we help them pray from the heart and fuel their conversations with God. This work may also be helping form our future Clergy, Catechists and Chaplains.

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