CAFOD Young Leaders

On Thursday 28th January 2016, Mr Sumba and Mrs C Hopkins accompanied the Oaklands CAFOD Young Leaders to Farnborough Hill where sixth formers from six schools and colleges from all over our diocese met for their second day’s Youth Leadership training. The focus was on presentational skills as the team thought about the different ways they could communicate this year’s Fast Day story and the theme of water.

Here are some of our CAFOD Young Leaders’ views …

The CAFOD leadership course has been a great opportunity to develop my presentation, organisational and leadership skills. I have been able to put what I have learnt into action by practising in front of fellow students from different areas across the south - something I would be unable to do at school. Since participating in the leadership course my social skills and confidence have greatly improved, as well as my ability to engage with others and recognise leadership qualities in my peers as well as myself.

Sophie Adams

I chose to partake in the leadership course because I felt it was a great way to help people in need get involved in the vital work CAFOD. However, I myself have a lot from the experience - organisational and presentation skills that will help me throughout my life, and met many amazing new people who have many interesting ideas and thoughts that I have learnt and gained.

Becky O'Rourke

I joined the CAFOD Leadership course in September 2015 for various reasons. One of them was to broaden my horizons. I felt this course would help me to meet new people and learn how to plan and organise events that are beneficial to the community. I have gained so much from this course, for example, I feel more confident now to speak in public and know what I need to do to prepare a speech. I have also learned to listen to other people’s ideas and put them into consideration as well as being creative when thinking about how to hold events. I have learned so much and I hope to continue learning!

Pelumi Ajelabi

The amazing opportunity presented to us by CAFOD leadership programme has allowed us to use our power as young people to inspire and encourage not only our generation but others as well, to invest in the work of CAFOD. This programme has given us the opportunity to meet new influential young people as well as gaining confidence in speaking and presenting in public. We have also taken part in exercises that stretched and challenged our ability to work as a team. Thanks to the excellent staff at CAFOD, we have been able to make a difference in the wider world and educate young people on global issues that affect millions of people.

Niamh Wilkinson and Ellen McGill

I really value my place on the leadership course as it enables me to make a positive contribution to the community here at school and nationally. It has also enabled me to develop my own leadership and communication skills. I have gained knowledge about important issues that CAFOD combats and awareness about, and the recognition that every individual can make a positive impact. The decision to go on the course was made without hesitations I wanted to take the opportunity to embrace the work of CAFOD.

Sarah Muwanga