Department: Social Science

Head Of Department: Miss L Hall-Stride

If you wish to learn more about the curriculum, please contact the Head of Department by email: ­­­­

Curriculum Intent

Within Social Science we aim to deliver a range of A Levels which are challenging, engaging and spark the intellectual curiosity of students. We aim to develop a range of skills amongst students such a being able to apply and evaluate research in Sociology and Psychology. In Health & Social Care we aim to provide a course which gives students the opportunity to learn vocational skills.

Our curriculum is ambitious because

  • A broad range of topics are covered within each subject which enable students to acquire knowledge in breadth and depth.
  • We apply key topics and curriculum areas to contemporary issues in society, so students can see the relevance of the subject in everyday life. For example, within Sociology students learn about inequality amongst social groups such as the gender pay gap and racial discrimination.
  • Curriculum knowledge will be enriched over time.
  • Both psychology and sociology  present subjects that  provide a focus to discuss that values and virtues that support the school ethos.
  • Higher order skills such as application and evaluation will be developed using a range of evaluation concepts and writing frames. For example, in Health & Social Care, students will evaluate treatments for specific malfunctions and evidence evaluation is a core theme throughout Sociology and Psychology.
  • The department use a range of teaching and learning activities to deliver the curriculum and improve the student’s ability to retain, apply and evaluate subject knowledge.
  • We offer a Level 3 Cambridge Technical in Health & Social Care which is a more vocational A Level and provides a coursework element for students who are more comfortable with this form of assessment.