1:1 Laptop Scheme

For Students starting Year 10 in September and upwards:

The Oaklands Bring Your Own Device scheme and Sponsored Laptops

We are as excited as you to offer students who will be in Years 10 and upwards from September 2020, access to their own device. This opportunity has come about as a result of three factors: Initially we are keen that students’ progress continues to improve for all of Oaklands’ GCSE and Sixth Formers preparing for examinations. This is achieved by enhancing the quality of thinking so that the accompanying work is of the highest standard. For a learner having their own device to draft and redraft work without having to move from one machine or storage device to another is of key importance.

Secondly students preparing to go to college or university need to be independent and take responsibility for advancing their skills in every subject they study. Having immediate access to internet information will ensure students can research and deepen their learning and be better prepared for not only their exams but also further study.

Finally, Oaklands have high expectations for learners. Tutors and subject teachers are keen to offer a chance learners to have their own device so that they can manage their studies, complete more independent work and access the highest grades.

We wish every success to our learners, and a personal device is another tool to help them achieve their full potential.

*Reminder to parents – Please choose the Year Group your child will be in from September 2020*


September 2020 Year GroupCASH12 months24 months
10 & 12YesYesYes
11 & 13YesYes


The laptop remains the property of Oaklands until the end of the scheme, but students keep the laptop for their own use at school and home for the duration of the scheme. Ownership of the device passes to the parent/carer at the end of the scheme or once all payments have been made.

Students should bring the laptop to school every day, fully charged so that teachers can plan to use them in lessons. They won’t use them in every lesson and maybe only for part of a class—they are an extra ‘tool’ in their school bag along with their pencil case, books (yes, they’ll still write a lot with pen and paper) and PE kit. Students must look after the laptop, so they:

  • Must never leave it unattended—in their tutor room, on the playground etc. If the laptop gets broken and they don’t know how it happened, you may be unable to make a claim and the repair may be chargeable.
  • Must report any fault or breakage (however minor) to IT Support as soon as possible.

Our friendly team are always there to help with any problems or questions. Even if the laptop is very carefully looked after, accidents do happen. We may be able to provide a loan device while a repair takes place. At the end of the scheme you own the laptop. The scheme is optional, but everyone who wants to participate in the scheme will have access to a device regardless of their circumstances. If you would like to join the scheme but feel that you are unable to make the payments, let us know and we’ll contact you to discuss your individual situation.

Update October 2020

Due to concerns about the supply of laptops, the portal for ordering is now closed. We hope to open the portal again in the new year.


Benefits to Parents/Carers

Parents/carers are asked to enter into a fixed monthly payment agreement.

  • Spread payment with no credit check.
  • The sum total of the payments will be less than the equivalent bundle available on the high street.
  • The device will become yours once your payments are complete, allowing your child to continue using the device to further their education.


What do I need to do to make sure my child gets a school laptop?

Please note: Ordering for September delivery is now closed. Ordering for October Half-Term delivery will commence shortly.

Visit the Website at www.tech4learners.co.uk and enter your email address and the following:

Username – Oaklands2020

Password – S3cure02!


What if I can’t afford to donate the suggested donation per month?

There are no credit checks when buying the laptops through the school scheme. If you would like to join the scheme but feel that you are unable to make the payments, let us know.


Can my child bring their own device to school?

If he or she is in Year 10 or upwards in September, yes they can. To keep them safe, we will need to install a security certificate on the device to allow us to inspect internet traffic while they are in school. We ask that each student is limited to one device. Any device brought to the school is done so at the owners own risk. The school is not liable for any loss or damage to the device either at school, or while being transported.


How are the payments collected?

We use a company called tech4learners (Freedom Tech Ltd) to collect the payments on our behalf by direct debit, so their name will appear against collections on your bank statement. They then transfer the payments to Oaklands each month. Tech4learners can be contacted on 020 3857 5630 or tech4learners@freedomtech.co.uk


What does the insurance cover and how do we claim?

Our policy covers accidental/liquid damage and theft claims. The insurers may ask to inspect the device in the event of a claim. If your child has any problem at all with their laptop they should bring it to the IT Support in Newman Block in the first instance. There is no excess on insurance or warranty claims. You will be provided with a policy and claims document detailing how to make a warranty or insurance claim.


Will we own the device at the end of the scheme?

Yes. However until the final payment is made the device remains the property of Oaklands School. Therefore the laptop must not be personalised. Should your child leave Oaklands mid-scheme the laptop and accessories must be either paid for in full, or returned to school on or before their last day


What about keeping safe online?

While we monitor and filter internet usage while these laptops are using the school network, it will be up to Parents or Carers to decide how the laptop is used at home or elsewhere. The laptop will be outside of the school’s control when away from the school site.

We would strongly recommend that you read and follow the e-safety advice given on our website. You may like to pay particular attention to the advice on the Parental Controls provided by your Internet Service Provider. For more details see e-safety page


Please see the Insurance & Warranty Policy and the Laptop Specification

Parent’s Letter for the Laptop Scheme can be found here

The full Specification of the Laptop can be found here