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Uniform Policy

The school is aware of DFE guidance to examine the cost of uniform. We are looking at this to reduce the number of logoed items in PE and also to allow blouses to be be purchased from alternative suppliers. more detail on this will be provided later in this academic year.

Skoolkit are the proud suppliers of the Oaklands Catholic School uniform

The school colours are navy blue and royal blue.  Sustainability is very important to us at Oaklands and this is reflected in the materials used in our uniform.  All students must wear the Eco-Blazer with the school crest and an embroidered navy blue jumper or pullover; boys wear a plain white shirt and striped school tie; girls may wear either navy blue trousers or a stitched down pleated skirt with a short sleeved navy and white striped v-neck blouse.  Coats (navy or black) may be worn OVER the blazer in inclement weather.  A school scarf for the winter is also available.

The “crested” items (ie:  blazer, knitwear and tie) must be purchased from our suppliers Skoolkit in Market Parade, Havant and also via their online website (link below).  Skoolkit also carries all the other uniform items including trousers, skirts, blouses, ties.  However, in order to offer our parents/carers more choice, it is possible to buy the trousers (boys and girls) or the stitched pleated skirt, the striped blouse, boys white shirts from either the Skoolkit shop in Market Parade Havant, or any high street retailer providing they correspond with the guidelines outlined in the Governors Uniform Policy.  The PE Kit is also available in the Skoolkit shop.

For families who live in the Fareham area, our uniform is also available in their Fareham branch – see map below.

If you would like to order your uniform items online from Skoolkit please click here to be directed to their website.

You will find Skoolkit at The Meridan Shopping Centre, Havant and 149 West Street, Fareham or online at www.skoolkit.co.uk