Top Tips for Choosing Your Post 16 Courses

Unsure how many to choose? – Where do you fit in this list?

GCSE Predictions Number of A Levels to Study
Grades  9-8 Choose four 2 year courses
Mostly 9-7 Choose three or four 2 year courses
Mostly 9-5 Choose three 2 year courses
Mostly 7-4 Choose three 2 year courses
Mostly 4-1 Level 3 may not be the best choice this September, not yet or you may need to retake English and Maths alongside two courses building to three in your third year

Most of you are choosing three subjects only – The choice is more important than ever. You will study them for two years with no external exams half way through – only at the end of the course.

Only students predicted to achieve grades 9-8 at GCSE are advised to opt for four subjects.

Understand Why A Levels Are So Important – A Global Gold Standard

Oaklands Sixth Form has an exemplary record in helping you get into top universities

The Russell Group (Level 9 -5 at GCSE and A*-B at A Level) are the UK’s highest performing universities and top employers approach them to recruit graduates:

University of Birmingham London School of Economics
University of Bristol University of Manchester
University of Cambridge Newcastle University
Cardiff University University of Nottingham
Durham University University of Oxford
University of Edinburgh Queen Mary University of London
University of Exeter Queen’s University Belfast
University of Glasgow University of Sheffield
Imperial College London University of Southampton
King’s College London University College London
University of Leeds University of Warwick
University of Liverpool University of York

The Sixth Form @Oaklands is keen to help you make a good choice of A Levels

Oaklands has outstanding results in all subjects but remember that an “ A* is always worth more than a C grade at A Level regardless whether the subject is Dance, History or Chemistry”  Oxford Admissions tutor (2014)

If you already know what you would like to study at university or you are passionate about a particular subject, then you should make your choices based on that passion.

Subjects at the Sixth Form @ Oaklands


Biology Business Studies
Chemistry Computer Science
Diploma in Applied Science L3 Drama & Theatre Studies
Economics English Language
English Literature Film Studies
Fine Art French
Further Maths Geography
Government & Politics Health & Social Care
History Joint English
Law Maths
Media Studies Music
Photography Physical Education
Physics Product Design
Psychology Religious Studies
Sociology Spanish


Note: If you would like to study music or art at university you should definitely study these subjects at Level 3.If you are worried or in doubt about your choices, always discuss with us before you commit to them.

REMEMBER! Level 3 Courses are hard and employers and universities like top grades

Take subjects you CAN DO, not subjects you think you SHOULD do

Take advice, do not make decisions alone or just with friends

Choose slowly and carefully

Oaklands Sixth Form staff will really help you decide