Road Safety

Pupil Safety and Dark Nights

Next Saturday night we will be setting the clocks back an hour and summer time ends. Road traffic collisions increase by 20% in the fortnight after the time change. Sadly, some of those collisions will involve child pedestrians and cyclists. Children under-16 are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users.

The latest available government statistics (2015)* show that 58% of children who die or are seriously injured in a road collision are involved in incidents between 3 and 7pm. From next Sunday, much of those will happen in darkness.

Whilst younger children are at risk, the data shows that 11 – 15 year olds are actually at more at risk from accidents that kill or result in serious injury.

The resources below will help remind children, especially teenagers, about road safety and safe cycling.

Please be reminded about the dangers of road traffic and the responsibility parents have to reinforce safe practices with their children when crossing the road. A slight lapse of concentration and an accident can happen to anyone.
I would be grateful if you could follow the link:
Here you will find information related to road safety for students, parents and teachers.  I would encourage you to go through this and direct your child to the resources.  A short conversation with your child about the issues raised on this website could be a life saver.
Finally, I often see students crossing the road whilst plugged into their headphones, simultaneously texting and only giving a cursory glance at the traffic.  To minimise the risk crossing the road, all our senses need to be as alert as possible.
Thank you very much for discussing these issues with your child.
Mr Matthew Quinn


One of the big changes when children start secondary school is how they travel to and from school. We have compiled some useful resources that may help you plan this with your child, particularly at this time when we are all being encouraged to walk and cycle more.

We have signed up to Route Guard, an app which you and your child can use to help manage the journey to school and the details are attached and in the poster below, along with our school code.

An app for them …

RouteGuard runs automatically when your young person’s mobile phone is on. Whenever they are moving it sends their location details, using GPS, to the paired RouteGuardian app every few seconds. So, they know someone responsible has their back wherever they are and they can get around safely. When they stop their location updates less frequently to conserve their phone’s battery life.

An App for You

Every RouteGuard enabled mobile phone is connected to a mobile phone with RouteGuardian installed. Parents and guardians using RouteGuardian can see the location of their RouteGuard users at any time, in real time, for peace of mind.

They can set up zones along roads and around destinations to create an alert whenever a zone is entered or exited so they know when the connected young person arrives and departs safely.