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Parents’ guide to higher education choices:

Please see our flowchart to develop your understanding of where students are in the application process:
Why higher education?
Making the decision about going to university involves all the family, so it’s important that everyone, including parents, guardians, foster parents and grandparents, know about the benefits.
While your son or daughter is at university they’ll have the opportunity to:
• Study a subject that they are passionate about
• Achieve a qualification that will lead to their chosen career
• Learn to be an independent thinker for all aspects and challenges of life
• Develop important skills that will widen their prospects
• Become more independent and self-confident
• Make lifelong friends
Once they have their degree, your son or daughter will have:
• The opportunity to follow their career path
• Better job prospects
• Higher earning potential
Ultimately, going to university will equip your son or daughter with skills and experiences they can use in their career and in their personal life.