• Headteacher: Mr. Matthew Quinn
  • Chair of the Governing Body: Dr Elizabeth Cluett – c/o Oaklands School, Stakes Hill Road, Waterlooville.
  • SEN Coordinator: Mrs. Tracey Rowsell – t.rowsell@oaklandscatholicschool.org
  • Registered office: On 27th March 2017 the name of our Multi Academy Trust changed from ‘The Catholic Academy Trust in Havant’ to ‘Edith Stein Catholic Academy Trust’ and retains the same company number of 07721932. All documentation released under the former name has been adopted by ‘Edith Stein Catholic Academy Trust’ until changed or amended at the next scheduled   review.

Oaklands Catholic School and Sixth Form College is a highly successful provider of 11-18 year education for the Roman Catholic and wider Christian community in Waterlooville and the surrounding area.

The six key elements guiding the school’s strategy plan are:

Strategic Priority 1- Ethos. Provide an inclusive Christ-centred education at Oaklands based on the mission of the Catholic Church.

Strategic Priority 2 – Teaching and Learning. Oaklands will be recognised for setting the highest standards of teaching and learning, where aspirations and achievements are raised for all so that no-one is left behind.

Strategic Priority 3 – Collaboration. Embrace opportunities to work collaboratively with our family of diocesan schools and other educational and community partners and stakeholders.

Strategic Priority 4 – The Oaklands Team. We will attract, develop and celebrate our team of leaders, teachers, support staff and governors who are committed to our Oaklands ethos.

Strategic Priority 5 – Students. Oaklands students will grow up as determined, courageous and humble individuals who will embody the gospel values throughout their lives with a deep appreciation of the beauty of God’s world around them.

Strategic Priority 6 – Business. It is our goal, both now and in the future, to ensure the effective and ethical stewardship of all our resources in order to provide a positive and sustainable environment in which to work and learn.

For more detail, read our vision and strategic plan.