Collection of Examination Results 2023

GCSE Results

Collection of Examination Results Thursday 24th August (10.00am-12.00noon) Sixth Form Conference Room

The school will be able to hand out the GCSE results to Year 11 students on Thursday 24th August 2023 between 10.00am and 12.00noon.

If students have not collected their results during the allocated time on Thursday 24th August, then the results will be sent that day by second class post.

When students arrive, they should make their way to the Sixth Form block and up to the Conference Room where the results will be distributed.

Oaklands Sixth Form Enrolment

This also takes place from 24th August for one week. This is the final step in securing a place at our Sixth Form College and takes place after collecting results, either in person downstairs in Sixth Form or online through the Sixth Form pages of the website. The link to the enrollment form will be sent out on the GCSE results day to all parents and students and can be completed online.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team will be available throughout the morning and early afternoon to help with any queries.

Although results are issued on Thursday 24th August, examination certificates will be presented at our Presentation of Certificates Evening which is traditionally held at the start of January. Final details will be confirmed nearer the time.

A Level Results

Collection of Examination Results Thursday 17th August (8.00 am – 12.00 noon) Sixth Form Conference Room

Exam results will be available from Oaklands Sixth Form on Thursday 17th August 2022 at 8.00am for A Level students. This will allow time to collect and analyse any implications of your results before universities open for calls and emails from 9.00am. If students have not collected their grades by midday, then they will be sent by post to arrive the following day unless you have already communicated that you wish your grades to be sent by email.

Students collecting GCSE resit results can come in to do so on 25 August from 10.00 am. (See below).

Students can access their UCAS Track from 8.00am on 17th August to see whether they have been placed in their first choice or insurance or whether they are eligible for Clearing for this 2023 admissions cycle. Remember that all Track updates after 8.00am are frozen until early afternoon 17th August.

Clearing – After students have collected their results (8.00am onwards) they can see whether their results require them to look again at choices from a pool of places still available across UK universities. Find out more here:

We will be available for advice and consultation on all issues surrounding results and destination decisions from 17th August onwards.

Please e-mail or phone 023 92259214 ext 3710 for an appointment.