Prevent is 1 of the 4 elements of CONTEST, the government’s counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

The Prevent strategy:

  • responds to the ideological challenge we face from terrorism and aspects of extremism, and the threat we face from those who promote these views
  • provides practical help to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensure they are given appropriate advice and support
  • works with a wide range of sectors (including education, criminal justice, faith, charities, online and health) where there are risks of radicalisation that we need to deal with.

Please see the document below for the full text of the Oaklands Catholic School Prevent Strategy.

Oaklands Prevent Strategy

A useful guide for Parents has been produced by Tower Hamlets and an amended version is available below. If parents have any concerns there are three options:

  • Contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs Bonnington, Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Contact Hampshire Children’s Services on 0300 555 1384
  • Phone 101 to speak to the police.

Prevent strategy leaflet

Protecting children from radicalisation

Exploitation and radicalisation

A message from the police

It is really important that parents and care-givers are aware of what information children are able to access online and how to spot the signs a child maybe being exploited by harmful material.

Counter Terrorism Policing has launched a new safeguarding website aimed at family and friends to encourage them to share concerns that a friend or loved one might be vulnerable to radicalisation.

Whilst support services for children remain vital, research shows that family and friends are often best placed to spot the signs that someone might be vulnerable to radicalisation. We want them to ACT early so their vulnerable friend or loved one can get the support they need before the situation escalates into something more serious.