Catholic Life

At the centre of everything we do in school is God. The Chaplaincy helps, students, staff and parents encounter God and build relationship with God through the Sacraments, payer and fellowship.

As a Catholic school we have a clear purpose, which is informed by our beliefs and values. These are rooted in the Bible and the teachings of the church which unite us around one vision. We want to give witness to the beliefs and values of Jesus Christ. We want to open up for all in our community the opportunity to encounter Christ. Through Christ we live out our school vision of community, unity and opportunity.

Oaklands is a welcoming community, respecting those of different faiths and none. We see the world as created by God and all people as valuable and worthy of dignity and respect.

“Catholic schools should be places of joy and celebration. In Catholic terms, we are loved, we are saved, life is graced and good! The challenge is to embrace this gift” Sister Judith Russi SSMN