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The Oaklands Way – Remote Learning

By 27th January 2021January 4th, 2023News

The Oaklands Way

Remote Learning for Oaklands Catholic School and Sixth Form College 


Live lessons on MS Teams take many forms – a lecture style is only one method of live lesson format, these are all of the variations:

  • 30 minutes plus Teacher Talk and explanation then students have timed tasks to hand on Assignments.
  • Check-in Lessons – the expectation is that students log in at the start of the lesson where the teacher will be able to greet and welcome students then frame the lesson and outline the tasks.
  • Top and Tail Lessons– 10 minutes at start and end of lesson, students to complete tasks in between – teachers could operate a check-in lesson, then call students back online for the final ten minutes for students to share learning and ask questions about the homework or tasks completed.
  • Use of Breakout Rooms– Teams now have rooms for the group to break out into for smaller more interactive work, can be used with a top and tail lesson.
  • Pre-Learning/Flipped Learning that requires action before the lesson, assessment of student learning can then take place in the lesson e.g. timed essay/test.
  • Asking those unsure to stay behind at the end of the lesson to have more input if they are unsure of tasks.
  • Breaking large groups down into tiny ones for group work with the teacher whilst rest of the group continue on a task, groups rotate working with teacher in a seminar style.
  • Use of Oak National Academy  – ready-made video lessons of high quality (Y7-11).
  • Y7-9 can have live check in lessons too so that they can see their teachers. The expectation is that Y7-9 will ‘see’ a teacher once a fortnight, though if possible (timetabling allows) once a week.
  • Collaboration Work– tasks could be set for homework throughout all years that require students to team up with one another to complete a task to promote motivation through peer collaboration.

For further help with online learning – click here.

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