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Issues with the 7/7A bus in the mornings

By 29th September 2020News

Issues with the 7/7A bus in the mornings – The school is aware that there have been issues of the 7/7A bus coming into Oaklands being full in the mornings resulting in some pupils being left stranded or having to catch a later bus resulting in them being late for school. We have been in contact with the FirstGroup bus company and they have advised that they are aware of the issue, are reviewing it and are looking to put on an additional bus at the time that most of our pupils are trying to get on the bus between Cosham and the QA Hospital stops particularly. We will update Parents via the website as soon as we have confirmation of this. You will appreciate that the school has no control of these buses as they are public buses run by a private company. Any issues with these services should be directed to First Bus using the following telephone number, 0345 646 0707 or visit

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