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Headteacher’s Blog – 24/11/22

By 28th November 2022Headteacher's Blog

It’s been another busy week in school. Year 11 started their mock exams on Wednesday, we wish them well. A number of fundraising events have occurred including supporting Aid to the Church in need.

I spent a little time this week speaking to Year 10 about their Mission Day, this occurred last week. This was generally well received. The Mission Day finished with the celebration of Mass.

Mission Days are important in school; Young people live in a world where they experience a plurality of life choices. They come across people with attitudes and assumptions that are not the same as their own. However, many children have very little idea of what a Catholic world view might be. Catholic schools endeavour to expose them to what a Catholic way of life has to offer and the implications of belief in a creator God. There are many ways that we can do this, be it through our curriculum or through activities such as our Mission Days. These provide an opportunity to expose youngsters to and discuss aspects of Catholicism that may contradict a secular view. Discussing issues that may be seem counter- cultural will be challenging to some youngsters, as they often are for adults.

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