Department: Geography

Head of Department: Mrs U Broadway

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At the end of the  Geography  curriculum, we hope that students will leave Oaklands enriched in the following manner:

    • Have a love and passion for Geography
    • Develop a rich body of geographical knowledge and a wide range of transferable skills, which they can apply to other subjects and contexts
    • Be able debate and discuss geographical issues and to be able to reflect and form their own opinions on matters such as climate change and natural disasters
    • Have the confidence to ask and explore questions to further their own geographical knowledge and understanding
    • To be inquisitive learners and citizens who choose to understand global environmental issues and seek to make a personal difference in protecting and shaping the world we share.

    In addition

    • Many students  perform very well in public exams both at GCSE and  A level and go on to take Geography or a Geography related subject at University. We are also area that students have gone on to use Geographyas part of a future career.