Department: Business & Economics

Head of Department: Mr P Smith

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At the end of the Business & Education curriculum, we hope that students will leave Oaklands enriched in the following manner:


  • Retain a lifelong interest in business and economic matters.
  • Use the knowledge they have gleaned from their studies to to make sense of the commercial world and economy in which they live in.
  • Become more informed and mature citizens, consumers, entrepreneurs, employers or employees.
  • Have the knowledge and understanding that provides them with the ability, independence and confidence to make critical assessments of scenarios they may face in a dynamic future marketplace or economy.
  • Be well equipped with the necessary communication, literacy and critical data analysis skills that enable strongly supported, effective decision making when it comes to business and economic matters.
  • Our students should understand that effective’ decision making means that self-interest and profit are not the only objectives to consider. Ethical and environmental sustainability considerations should be at the heart of decision making.

In addition to this, the success of the Business & Economics curriculum can be found in the examination outcomes for students of all ability ranges.  Success is also evident in and the number of students who proceed to business related apprenticeships or go on to study Business & Economics related subjects at University.