April 2019 – Lent End of Week 5

By 26th April 2019 September 12th, 2019 Headteacher's Blog

Our term ended, with our final Lenten service. It is difficult to know where to ‘pitch’ this as we finished the term this year 2 weeks before Easter Sunday. Our service focussed on the Passion reading from St John, finishing when Jesus was placed in the tomb. We will return to the story at the beginning of the Summer Term. Sadly for many youngsters their only experience of the joy of Easter will be that experienced in school. So over the season our daily prayers have reflected much more on the meaning of lent and explored the themes of repentance and forgiveness. Staff and students have had the opportunity for Adoration as well as the sacrament of Reconciliation. Then in the final week of term at midday the school stopped, each day, for two minutes of silent reflection.

I am sure many of you have caught the news of the demise of Debenhams department store, this followed on from the loss of British Home Stores (BHS), Maplin and Toys are Us. These businesses and many more, did not take advantage of their unique position and ‘wake up’ to the emergence of on line shopping, they did not use their industry dominance to take hold of the opportunity. Time passed them by, as did opportunity. They couldn’t see what their real purpose was, consequently this and other factors pushed these well know household names to the wall.

When you lose track of your purpose you end up frustrated, disappointed, and defeated. That same type of danger exists for the church. We should be in the business making disciples for Jesus. We’re in the business of bringing people to their Saviour on Easter Sunday and every other Sunday of the year so that together we might rejoice in our Risen Lord. That’s what God reminds us of through the Apostle Peter as he encourages us to rejoice in our risen Lord because He gives us living hope. We rejoice because He gives us genuine faith. It is for this reason that at school we redouble our efforts over this season.

Lent End of Week 5

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