Oscar Romero Award

Catholic Social Teaching inspires much of what we do at Oaklands. The Oscar Romero Award helps us to celebrate all the things we do to promote social justice, including our partnership with St John’s Scholarship programme.

We work through the school curriculum and extra-curricular activities to help students understand Catholic Social teaching:

Dignity – God is present in every human person, regardless of religion, culture, nationality, orientation or economic standing. Each one of us is unique and beautiful. We are called to treat every person and every creature with loving respect.

Solidarity: remembering that we belong to one another and stand side by side, especially with those living in poverty.

The Common Good: knowing that the fruits of the earth belong to everyone and should be shared equally.

The Option for the Poor: reminds us of God’s preferential love for the poor and the call to put their needs first.

Peace: the cornerstone of our faith is Jesus the Prince of Peace and we are called to a life of peace with our neighbours and our global community.

Creation and the Environment: the first stories in the Bible tell of how God created the sun, the moon and all the earth, and it is our Christian vocation to care for the environment.

The Dignity of Work and Participation: we reject the exploitation of workers and inhuman conditions and uphold the rights of people to work and to be treated with respect.

Students are helped to recognise injustice and poverty around the world, whether material, spiritual or moral and to take action to build a better world.

More information is available at: The Oscar Romero Award – Home