Getting Involved with Chaplaincy

There are many ways to get more deeply involved with the Catholic life of the school.

The Christian Union

The Christian Union, or CU, meet every Wednesday lunchtime in the Chapel, and students from Year 7 right through to Year 13 are welcome. We gather to eat our lunch together, to catch up, share something yummy like a doughnut and then learn more about our faith. Sometimes we watch a video and discuss, while other times we will read a piece of scripture and share what it means to us. We always pray together, especially if someone has something specific they’d like us to pray for. We usually end each half term with a pizza and praise party – a lot of fun!

The Discipleship Team

The Discipleship Team is a team of hand-picked individuals, who work closely with Miss Keogh and Mr Quinn to support our missionary work of evangelisation in school. They are an invaluable asset to the Oaklands Community, helping and supporting the Catholic ethos of the school with their talents, gifts and enthusiasm. The Discipleship Team is made up of students from Years 8 – 13.

The Year 7 GIFT Team

The Year 7 GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) Team, is a much larger team than the Discipleship Team, and they work with Miss Keogh throughout the year on various projects, especially fundraising, charity work and outreach with the local community.