There should be a link between the curriculum in a Catholic school and the mission of salvation that we find in the Gospels. Sometimes this is obvious to see in the subjects we teach, on other occasions less so. Last year we developed a scheme of work for Year 7 students that emphasised this. We called it John 10:10 ‘ I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full’. For two days the timetable was abandoned . It was so successful, so before half term we ran it again.

Everything the students undertook related back to John 10:10. In addition to this students worked in different groups that helped develop self esteem and self confidence. This year in Music, students were challenged to listen to a range of music and write down an emotional response, students recorded this on cards. The lesson then moved onto discussing that, in addition to the words in the music, the tune touches you in a special way. As Catholics when we sing hymns we always maintain we are praying twice, once through the music and once through the words, the lesson made this connection. The lesson finished by singing ‘Oh When The Saints Come Marching In’. Another one of the lessons of the project involved looking at the significance of bread in the Catholic tradition students then made unleavened bread which was consecrated during Mass at the end of the two day experience.

We heard different pieces of music and then we had to think about what music it was. After that we sang parts of some of the songs we heard. The music that I most liked was ‘Oh When The Saints’ because it reminds me of my dad and I wish we could do this again. Sometimes in their traditions, people have a lot of music and singing is a way of talking to God.

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