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Learning Support


Department Statement

We strive to be an inclusive school that values the unique qualities of all our students by fostering a sense of community and having high expectations.

The aim of our Learning Support Department is to help all students to reach their full potential by working with staff to identify strategies to help remove any barriers to learning.

Our SENCO’s role is to ensure that the needs of all our pupils are met, especially those who make the slowest progress, those with a physical disability and our socially and emotionally vulnerable students.

The Children and Families Act and SEND Code of Practice came into force on the 1st September 2014. One of the requirements of this Code, is for all schools to publish a SEN Information Report on their school website. This sets out detailed information about implementation of the Code for pupils with SEN and disabilities and  includes arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for all students with special educational needs and disabilities.  Oaklands SEN information Report can be accessed via this link and will provide more information about the support we provide for all students with special educational needs and disabilities.

What to do if you think your child has special educational needs

Many children will experience difficulties of some kind during their school life but for some students difficulties may be more extensive and affect their ability to access the curriculum to their full potential. Staff at Oaklands are trained to assess students’ progress against set targets and look for any student who does not appear to be reaching their potential, either in individual subjects or across the curriculum.

So what can you do if you feel your child has a specific learning difficulty or has additional needs?

Form Tutor

It may be worth contacting your child’s form tutor to see if any issues have been raised and to discuss your concerns in more detail. The form tutor is an integral part of the pastoral support team and will be happy to review progress and pursue avenues of support with you.

Subject Teachers

If you have a specific subject related concern, our teachers are always happy to offer advice or discuss a concern to identify strategies and a possible solution.   The student planner can be used to communicate a message to teachers or a request can be made via our main reception, for a teacher to telephone you to talk about any issue that is causing concern or impacting on progress.


The SENCO has oversight of all additional learning needs and support across the school and will be able to complete an assessment of need and consider appropriate access to intervention programmes of support. The SENCO – Mrs Tracey Rowsell – can be contacted by telephone or email  and is happy to discuss available provision or arrange a meeting to plan additional assessment and support.

In the Bartimaeus Centre we aim to help pupils achieve their potential in all aspects of their academic and personal development. This is done by inviting pupils to attend small group sessions led by one of our experienced Learning Support Assistants. Each set of sessions is structured around a carefully planned scheme of work designed to help pupils develop their basic skills and improve access to the curriculum.

Support can include:-

Intervention Sessions

– Timetabled sessions focusing on the development of literacy and numeracy skills at key stage 3 and access to English and Maths GCSE marks at key stage 4.

Emotional Literacy

– ELSA sessions (individual or group sessions) that help students develop self-confidence and emotional resilience to help them cope in the classroom and wider school community

Behaviour Support

– Structured sessions to help students reflect on their behavior and consider alternative actions and strategies to self-regulate behavior in the classroom and improve motivation.


– 1-1 mentoring sessions to help students identify strategies to overcome potential difficulties with their learning or social development.

Good Morning Club

– 8.30 to 9.00 a.m. Basic skills development with the focus on spelling of key words and multiplication tables.

Homework Club

– Lunchtimes. Learning Support Assistants are available to support students with their homework.  For students with additional needs, a 1-1 support session is also available for homework tasks.

Study Support Session

– After school sessions tailored to help students develop their study skills including revision techniques and exam strategy.

Exam Access Arrangements

– Assessments can be arranged to determine the need for any exam access arrangement such as a reader, scribe or additional time.

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