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KS4 Geography

There are three exam papers at GCSE:

1.       Living with the Physical Environment (1.5 hours) – 35%.

2.       The World Around Us (1.5 hours) – 35%

3.       Geographical Skills (1.5 hours) – 30% (based on two field trips and a pre-release booklet available from the March before the exam)

Exam Board: AQA

Exam board specification weblink:

Year 10 Topics

Year 11 Topics

  • Living World
  • Urban issues & challenges
  • Physical landscapes in the UK (coasts & glaciers)
  • Challenge of resource management (energy)
  • Preparation for fieldwork
  • Fieldwork write up
  • The changing economic world
  • Natural hazards
  • Decision Making Exercise preparation

Revision Guides for the new GCSE - all pdf. Written by the department for the students.

For a skills work booklet click here (general skills required for the GCSE, which can be examined across all three papers).

Living with the Physical Environment topics (Physical paper)

  • Living World click here
  • Physical Landscapes in the UK click here
  • Natural Hazards click here

The World Around Us topics (Human paper)

  • Urban issues and Challenges click here
  • Challenge of Resource Management click here
  • The Changing Economic World click here (not quite ready yet)

Geography Paper 3

2018 Exam materials - we have produced a work booklet to allow you to familiarise yourselves with the pre-release booklet.Click to here download. The actual pre-release booklet can be found here.

We will produce a 'mock' paper in the style of the sample paper that AQA produced when the specification was released. This will appear here soon.

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