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Welcome to the Careers Department.

Head of Department/Careers Leader: Mrs Angela McQuiston - / 02392 259214.

A summary of the careers programme is provided below. However, if you have any further queries, please use the contact details of the Careers Leader above.

  Summary of activities in school Parent events
Year 8 Lesson each term. 1st lesson - Aspirations and dreams for the future and learn about the World of Work. 2nd lesson - Further research about the World of Work (shifts, annual leave etc.). 3rd lesson - Thinking about their skills, qualities and possible jobs that they are interested in.  
Year 9 Lesson each term. 1st lesson - Options, how GCSE link to future employment. 2nd lesson - Career research using FastTomato and Eclips. 3rd lesson - Session on employability. Think about what make them employable and potential pitfalls - i.e. social media, inaccurate applications etc. Options evening (Careers Leader and Hampshire Futures in attendance)
Year 10 Sessions delivered in tutor time (tutor periods when school mass is taking place for 1/2 cohorts) - students will assess own skills, qualities and education. Students also experience external visits - for example, 'Choices Theatre' production. Lesson in Autumn term where students will learn about progressions and pathways to their future employment. Spring session - applications (CV/ personal statements etc.). Students attend the SE Hants Federation careers event at HSDC. The summer of Year 10 has two days of 'Professional days', where external agencies deliver sessions. 1/2 the Year group are given the opportunity to attend taster day events for vocational courses (South Downs); the remaining students are given a taster session of 6th form lessons. They also have two days of practice interviews, with external visitors from various sectors of employment. Some selected students will have the opportunity to attend work experience placements during the year. Year 10 post-16 information evening with Careers Leader, Apprenticeships talk and then stalls where parents/students can investigate further.
Year 11 Applications for the next step in education. Each student has an individual careers interview in Y11 with Hampshire Futures. Group sessions for students who are finding the application process difficult. Destinations survey and publicise the Open Evenings for the various establishments 6th form Open Evening - students given the dates of open evenings of other educational establishments and are encouraged to attend by the Head of Careers and the Y11 tutor team.
6th Form Apprenticeship session, UCAS guidance, University Visits. Post-18 information evening

The Careers Leader also organises meetings during tutorial sessions where employers and alumni visit and discuss their profession. For example: someone from the Stock Exchange, Police, Army, Fire Service, Dentistry, Accountancy - and many more!

Every year group has an assembly during National Careers Week with an alumni coming to talk to them about their careers choices. Activities also take place in tutor time during that week.

How do we measure and assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils?

After each session, students are invited to provide feedback to the Careers Leader. The main core activity occurs in Year 10, so we will survey students at the end of the year 10 to determine the impact. The final destinations survey will provide empirical evidence as to whether students have been successful in accessing further education/employment, which is the the main purpose of thje careers department.

Our Careers programme is reviewed each year, but our Careers Policy operates on a three-year cycle. This can be accessed here (Careers Policy) and outlines how we meet the statutory requirements.



Apprenticeships - RateMyApprenticeship

The #1 resource for apprenticeship jobs, reviews & career advice. Consider all your school leaver career options today with RateMyApprenticeship. Apprenticeships - RateMyApprenticeship




Resources for independent Careers research

 E-Clips   -  Comprehensive database of careers, their qualifications and entry requirements.       Login for E-clips  careers information database: password is school postcode  PO7 7BW          - A subscription site which students have access to; any student may register for their own login using the fast track code:   OKLW 

This site offers some personality testing and career recommendations, tailored to the individual and hyperlinked to further information.  All year 10 students will already have a login, a reminder of which can be got from Mrs McQuiston in the Careers Library.        From interest questionnaire to video clips, Lots to help with career ideas and routes.    Home of National Careers Service with all it’s links and services.     Lots of video clips about gathering careers information. is the UK’s leading careers and educational information and development website. From here, you can learn how to write a CV, how to complete an application form, how to pass psychometric tests and also how to pass any job interview.


Apprenticeships and Post 16 Opportunities.

You have many options after finishing year 11; here are the links to some of the local opportunities.


Local Further Education Colleges

Oaklands Sixth form - click here