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Welcome to the Careers Department.

Please click on the logo to load up Resource Companion. Username and password: careersoaklands


Apprenticeships - RateMyApprenticeship

The #1 resource for apprenticeship jobs, reviews & career advice. Consider all your school leaver career options today with RateMyApprenticeship. Apprenticeships - RateMyApprenticeship


Resources for independent Careers research             -  Your local Careers Service provider.

E-Clips   -  Comprehensive database of careers, their qualifications and entry requirements.       Login for E-clips  careers information database: password is school postcode  PO7 7BW          - A subscription site which students have access to; any student may register for their own login using the fast track code:   OKLW 

This site offers some personality testing and career recommendations, tailored to the individual and hyperlinked to further information.  All year 10 students will already have a login, a reminder of which can be got from Mrs Payne in the Careers Library.        From interest questionnaire to video clips, Lots to help with career ideas and routes.    Home of National Careers Service with all it’s links and services.   An online careers research site.Try the personal skills assessment.     Investigate routes into careers.      Try the career area fact sheets   Identifies and describes the various sector skills councils. This information is not in student friendly form but could access lots of information if staff help decode the website.     Lots of video clips about gathering careers information.      This is an alphabetical list of all the clips on Careersbox.


Apprenticeships and Post 16 Opportunities.

You have many options after finishing year 11; here are the links to some of the local opportunities.


Local Further Education Colleges