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Headteacher's Blog

A very warm welcome to the Spring term. Returning to school after the Christmas break on January 7th was certainly a shock to the system for students and staff alike!  I hope that you all had a relaxing and inspiring holiday period. This is traditionally the time of year when we can all look forward to lengthening days, shortening nights and the promise of slightly more warmth, although as I write this I can see the mercury dropping.

For students in Year 11 and Year 13 this term is critical. It is the last full term before the final public examinations so revision is key to success. Year 9 students will be working with staff and their parents to make crucial decisions regarding their GCSE subject choices for next academic year. Year 11 students will also continue to consider their chosen pathways post-16.  It is always an absolute pleasure to support and guide students through these critical decisions and, as always, students have demonstrated a mature and thoughtful approach as they embark upon the decisions for the next phase of their educational career.  A number of our Year 13 students have already received their university offers. Again this year we have a crop of successful Oxbridge candidates.

My key message to students in the exam years is about the importance of hard work. I believe that success is earned not in a dash to the line but in ‘everyday’ lessons and positive study habits. Our most successful students don’t view May/June as a ‘sprint finish’ but as the natural culmination of lots of high quality learning and consistent effort.  

The fundamental truth is that every lesson and revision session counts. Developing and sustaining positive learning habits and being organised is the key to having a (relatively) low stress exam period.  For students with the right study habits the outcomes will be predictably positive, whilst for those with poor habits the outcomes can be equally predictably disappointing for them. So, let’s all work together to make sure that ‘every opportunity counts’ and we make the most of learning opportunities presented to students every day.


Have a great start to the Spring term and thanks for your continuing support.